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Hence, the name HIGGS!
For the record - Higgs is a brand new ‘Ad’ agency, that is not just ‘Ad’ agency, established on the 1st February’ 03. So in that sense we are ‘new kids on the block’! But in another sense it also gives a chance to say who’s afraid of the big agencies?

But the rate at which we have been growing we are not too sure if we will be able to hold on to that cute little title for long!

And Yes! We at HIGGS seriously have reasons to believe that we can outdo any big agency, Indian or Global, in terms of quality of intellectual services and support, because we are made of people who have been there and done that!

Started as a small, ‘4 people’, attempt 9 months back, HIGGS is now a full fledged 18 member power house of Creativity and Brand development, the agency is well on its way to become a creative force with very few parallels – at least in the place of its origin – Hyderabad.