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Pre launch Planning & Testing
Pre launch Planning & Testing

Once Strategies are clearly defined, goals are set, for us at the agency its time for a brief ‘Tea Tasting’ exercise

  • Goal Setting
  • Route Map & Milestone planning [Defining the Advertising Calendar]
  • Soft launch & Studying Effectiveness of Advertising Strategy
  • Direct/ Indirect Channel Planning
  • Territory Planning
  • New Market planning
  • Merchandising Opportunities
  • Defining Customized Services
  • Defining future research strategies
  • Defining ‘Qualitative’ bench marks for analysis and feed back
  • Manpower Planning & controls.
  • Vendor Development
  • Pre launch production planning & fixing delivery/ launch schedules

Once the above exercise is thoroughly ‘grilled’ is when we prefer to go in for the launch, armed and completely clear about the route map, with an un ambiguous focus on the road ahead – and last but not in the least ‘firm steering controls’!

Launch Services
  • Ensure all pre launch deliverables / Final Review
  • Launch & Execute Advertising / Brand / Corp. Communication strategy as per pre set goals through identified channels of communications
  • Execute Product/Brand/Market development towards specified target through a 360 degree customer interface process
  • Execute Sales Promotions & Event Management plans if anyExecute Creative Schemes for Volume Sales
  • Launch & Execute all other pre defined tasks as per pre set route map
Post Launch
  • Course Corrections if any
  • Monitoring Feedback & Critical appraisal
  • Review