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Standard Agency Service Methodology

We always prefer to start with a basic research, if not a comprehensive research. This ensures and improves the quality of ‘ Communication’ deliverables immensely. Of Course we are definitely capable of making creative noises devoid of research, but we request our clients to remember - it is their money!

Research Services
  • Research on Effectiveness of existing strategy
  • Research on effectiveness of existing manpower [Customer interface levels]
  • Defining the Target Audience [ASLLI]
  • Defining Internal Business Segmentation [Divisional / Sub divisional]
  • Matching Customer Perception vs. Promoters Vision [identify gaps if any]
  • Defining Loyalty / Repeat purchase frequency
  • Developing SWOT
  • Market / Consumer / Competition Research
  • Product / Service Positioning Research
  • Target Audience Trend / Lifestyle Research
  • Target Audience Buying Decision/ Influence Making Process Research
  • Sensitivity of Pricing & Demand Research, Defining Need vs. Want [Client specific]
  • Co Branding Partners & Opportunity expansion
  • Available Channels of Communication
  • Identifying Corporate Color and Personality

Once information from research is collected, analyzed, filtered and objectives are refined on the basis of information gathered, it is only then that we get into the next step – Strategy Development.