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Standard Commercial terms
Standard Commercial terms

Besides insisting on a clearly defined ‘Agency – Client, Service Level Engagement Agreement for a minimum period of 24 months- that’s mutually renewable with sufficient room earlier review ’ we have very few hard and fast rules here, we are flexible to the point of being liberal and generous – in favor of our clients, we are more interested in ensuring our client gets maximum benefit from every Ad rupee they spend, we try and work a methodology where a clients Ad budget is legitimately spent as per the clients prerequisites , we do this by establishing a work culture that is closely linked to the clients own , we do our best and then try and be better - in the process we do appreciate clients who respect our work efforts and pay us a pre fixed mutually agreed Fee / Commission based on - quantum of work , resources allocated and such other organizational overheads that’s bound to be deputed depending on the nature & size of engagement .

Heads Of Account
  • Research & Consultancy Charges
  • Strategy Development &Agency Service Charges
  • Sourcing & Developmental Charges
  • Designing Charges / Art Work / Production
  • Ad Film Making Charges
  • Jingles & Music creation
  • Event Management
  • Hiring of Models / Photographers / Camera Crew etc – Actuals
  • Appointing / Hiring Special staff [If any] – Actuals
  • Travelling / Boarding & Lodging [If any] – Actuals
  • Media / Medium hiring, booking Charges – Actuals