Passion is our reason; “Reason” is our passion!

And in creating ideas we believe in connecting intricate nuances from diverse subjects to form a brand new ‘idea’ and that is a way at life at Higgs

And, it is this kind of belief that made us go through several long hours of heated debates before we named our agency itself! In other words when it comes to work – We don’t compromise, irrespective of whose work.

‘Higgs’ as an idea is actually taken from a name of a highly renowned scientist in quantum physics, in whose name there exists one of contemporary sciences most astonishing theory – the theory refers to the rumored presence of an hitherto unknown field ,now famously called ‘ Higgs Boson’, that works beyond the realms of existing atomic space as known to us – the referred space is said to be so powerful that it is elemental in deciding the mass , structure , weight and even the gravitational force applicable on every single particle in the universe – In other words the humble atom is not just made of Proton , Neutron and Electron –There’s somebody else out there ! And the theory that might just explain ‘who or what is ‘out’ there? And the phenomenon is ‘Higgs Boson’!

Most of us at ‘Higgs’ being well tuned into the intricacies of Advertising , Marketing and Entertainment found several similarities in the ‘Higgs Boson’ theory and the master craft of ‘Hidden Persuasion’ – ADVERTISING